Thursday 16 December 2021

More Oh Boy Bok Choy

I’m still playing catch up. These paintings were done in August last year and the draft has been gathering dust for an entire year. You will remember I painted a watercolour for Oh Boy Bok Choy! - South-eastern Asian kitchen and bar

This painting became a larger than life feature in the restaurant,  appearing on the menu and placemats.


The cocktail menu at Oh Boy Bok Choy has an array of enticing sounding drinks. 

How about The Enchanted Forest, Breath of the Dragon or The Queen’s Garden? 

I was asked to paint these delicious concoctions and had such fun painting them. 

All watercolour on paper. 

The Queens Garden 

 Budding Lotus

Dragon’s Breath

Mandrake Gin

The Enchanted Forest 

The King’s Chalice

Numb Numb Juice

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