Monday 1 August 2022

Poor neglected blog!

I realised that it’s been six months since I published a post here on Art Matters. 

When I began the blog back in 2010, shortly before I emigrated to Australia, the custom in the world of blogging was to post on a daily basis. I decided then that I would only write when I had something to say, rather than be obliged to write a daily post. 

The blog landscape has changed somewhat since then. Blogging has been superseded by Instagram. Now Tik-Tok has become the new big thing.  (I’m not there in case you go looking)

I post most frequently on Instagram and connect the posts there directly to my Facebook page. However the big issue with Instagram is that artists are at the mercy of the ghastly algorithm, the bullying push to noisy reels, and constant advertising. One sees fewer and fewer posts from people one follows. Currently there’s something of a rebellion going on with people complaining loudly about the current state of affairs at Instagram. The changes have resulted in many asking for fewer videos and more photos  - in other words, wanting the old Instagram back. I’m not sure that anyone at Meta cares or will actually do anything to revert to what everyone clearly wants. 

I love that this blog is mine and I can write what I like, and publish when I like. The trick, however is getting anyone to see the posts.

So I plan to write a little more often including photos that I hope you will enjoy. I’ll still be posting links to Art Matters on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - much as I would like not to rely on these currently there aren’t any other options.

I’d love if you would please share a link with your friends. 

Camila - muse from Sktchy. Digital painting using Procreate 

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