Monday, 17 June 2019

Hooray! You’ve got sales!

This is the very best kind of email to receive - one telling you that you have made some sales. In this case, I had sold some copies of my book Colour - A Practical Approach. I self-published the book through Blurb towards the end of last year. Sales that happen while you sleep, are the best kind of sales to make, having done all the hard work previously. Although to be honest, for the sales to happen “while sleeping” one needs to do a fair amount of marketing while you’re awake!

And now that’s exactly what I am doing here - a little shameless self promotion. 

The book is available in a couple of formats. The most cost effective is, of course, the eBook which doesn’t involve hefty postage. (Believe me, I know all too well how the impulse to buy something online is quickly quashed when one checks the shipping fee!) 
The downside of a digital copy is that it’s not as easy to make notes on, and I confess to be very fond of a proper printed book. We work with screens all day long so it is pleasant to hold a book. When reading at night in bed it helps when you fall asleep and the book falls on to the floor!

Colour - A Practical Approach 8" x 10" is available in both Hardcover with cover design printed on the cover and Softcover with a flexible High gloss laminated cover. Here are the links to Blurb where you are able to order a copy or download the eBook:

Hard and soft cover Preview

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the printing. The book measures 8” x 10which is a good size to read and work with. 

I chose the standard white uncoated 105 gsm paper which is of a high quality but still economical. The colour reproductions are very good indeed and true to the original colours in my paintings and illustrations. 

The Contents page of Colour - A Practical Approach 

If you already have a copy of my book, thank you very much for your support. I would love to have some feedback. A review would be most welcome.

I enjoyed writing the book so much and have already been mulling over some ideas for another one. 

Friday, 7 June 2019

Sketching at Milk Cafe Ashgrove

I love sketching in Cafe’s. It’s a way of recording where I’ve been, and a great way to connect with people. A couple of years ago I did this sketch at Milk Bar Cafe, Ashgrove. 

Recently, the owner contacted me asking for permission to use the sketch as a mural in the cafe. Moreover, they were happy to reimburse me for the use of the sketch. So often today an artist’s work is appropriated without acknowledgement or payment so it is really gratifying to come across someone who does the right thing. 

I had to search to find the original sketch, (there is an intention to catalogue my sketchbooks but that is a distant intention) however, trawling through my Instagram page turned out to be the best solution. 

Here is my post:

The spread in my sketchbook with later additions - Ink and watercolour  in Handbook Sketchbook 


A view of the mural from the counter. It’s so satisfying to see a quick sketch given pride of place on the wall.  

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Proteas with a Jug at Rotary Art Spectacular 2019

Proteas with a Jug - oil and cold wax on panel 40 cm x 40 cm 

I am delighted that this little painting will be part of the Rotary Art Spectacular 2019. The exhibition opens on Monday evening - details below in a screen shot from the website.

I have written about the process of this painting in an earlier post which you can find here. I so enjoyed painting it and am so pleased with the result - I just love the colours. It’s really satisfying when everything just “works”. Although as you will have read in the post there were a few obstacles along the way.

Two more of my paintings are part of the Online Exhibition. There were so many entries this year so I am happy to have a painting selected to hang in the show. Once the online catalogue is on the website I’ll add a link here.

Transition - oil and cold wax on canvas 90 cm x 90 cm 

Digital Painting

Over the last couple of years I have become more and more fascinated wit h digital painting. I still have a lot to learn and try to expand my use of new digital brushes with each new painting. This painting started out as an oil painting on canvas. It had been started some time ago and then left while I went on to paint other images. I hauled it out of storage to re-work it and complete the painting. Photographing work in progress provides a way to assess the quality. I loaded this photograph to Procreate and then I realised that since the entries for the Rotary Exhibition were now open to digital images there was nothing to stop me submitting a digital painting. 

Time and Space - digital painting - suggested size: 60cm x 60 cm. 

Since this is a digital print on archival paper, the size can be altered to suit your requirements. Alternatively the painting can be printed on to a stretched canvas and would then require no framing.