Monday, 13 December 2021

Oh Boy Bok Choy

Some of my favourite commissions have been for restaurants - Milk Cafe was one. This commission grew from an urban sketch I had done in the cafe years previously. More about these paintings can be found here. and here.

In August 2020 I had been invited by the lovely owner of Farmhouse Kedron (previously the owner of Milk) to conduct a drawing and sketching class at the restaurant. This was a great way to interact with students in person after using Zoom for months. 

A new venture for the owners of Farmhouse was their new baby - Oh Boy Bok Choy located not from from the Kedron restaurant. 

I was asked to paint Bok Choy to be used in a backlit box above the bar. Bok Choy is a wonderful vegetable to paint and to eat as well. 

Incidentally, if you haven’t ventured to the restaurant yet, do yourself a favour and go - now - the food is fantastic!

And just to whet your appetite a few of the delicious dishes…

Top LH: Wok tossed pad see ew, Bok Choy, Gai lan, tofu vegan oyster sauce,dark soy (VG)

Top RH: Wombok veggie dumplings

              Whisky Tamarind Pork Belly

              Oh Boy fried rice

              Crispy Silken Tofu, Red Dragon sauce(vegan)

Bottom LH: MYO Bao buns with pickled salad & crispy pork

Bottom RH: Oh Boy Prawn toast, yuzu mayo 

Friday, 10 December 2021

A special anniversary - eleven years in Australia

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a time of reflection. A time of taking stock and planning for the time ahead. I am reminded once again of the anniversary of my arrival in Australia now it’s eleven years since I landed at Brisbane airport to start a new life. 

And what a life it’s been. In July, six months later I moved into my own home and started teaching in my studio. Thanks to the wonderful support from loyal students I have been able to  earn a comfortable living and as a bonus make really good friends along the way. 

My home with its little garden has been a comfortable haven. When I moved in the garden had nothing but vigorous weeds and a few tall trees. With the help of my son in law, Craig, the garden was transformed into a lush haven, the water feature encouraging local birds to come for a drink or bath. 

Eleven years ago - the garden in the process of construction. 

My colourful visitors 

Recently, I gave the front garden some attention adding a bed of bromeliads and Agaves. The struggling lawn was given a makeover with Sir Walter grass, now it’s green and soft underfoot. The perfect spot for my early morning coffee. 

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

A belated Inktober review

I realised that it’s been two months since I half heartedly started this blog post - so maybe the time has come to inject a little enthusiasm into my blog writing. I’m trying a new writing app called Craft so perhaps the challenge of mastering a new tool will get me going.

Once again I have taken part in the annual Inktober challenge. I have mixed feelings about challenges - I enjoy the sense of achievement that comes form keeping up and doing something every day, but part of the process of working to a set of prompts is really frustrating. Some prompts just do not inspire me so. Some years I have dispensed with following them and gone off on my own personal tangent, being content with doing an ink drawing every day.

This year, the Sktchy app, now called Museum publish a set of images for each prompt. This didn’t help me very much since quite a few of the images just didn’t appeal to me. In the end my Inktober drawings have been a mixture of following a prompt and then simply doing a portrait using a muse from Sktchy. (I can’t get used to the new name!)

So without any further procrastination here are most of the drawings. I’ve used a number of different pens - ballpoint, fountain pens, and coloured ink.