Tuesday 28 August 2012

Painting Paris - work in progress

The painting of the streets of Paris is progressing slowly but surely. I have worked on each of the three canvases in rotation so each is brought to the same degree of finish simultaneously. This allows me to keep tonal values constant and ensure that the work is cohesive across the three separate canvases.

Although the brief is essentially for a black and white painting I needed to add tones of grey to add depth to the piece. Now I am starting to add more black and white and those areas are really starting to pop.

Today I added some street lights and the first tree and I feel as though Paris is becoming more real. 

Parts of the Eiffel Tower are also almost done.

The cafe`s and the people are now my major focus. It's hard to say how much longer I'll need but I am quite pleased with the rate of progress. Working in acrylics has made the work go quickly as I haven't had to wait for paint to dry. (Sometimes it's dried rather too quickly but that's the nature of the beast!)


  1. I love the architectural details of these paintings, but did I miss something? Are these part of a larger whole? I have a feeling they are. I'll go back and look. But these are very well done, especially the Eiffel tower. There's quite a bit of work in that and it shows.

    1. These are snippets of a large commission for a local Cafe`- it's such fun, I do love getting engrossed in detail...

  2. lovely Carol. Would like to see the whole image when finished. Whos the lucky cafe getting this work?

  3. So much detail! I wouldn't even know where to begin with a painting like this. It's wonderful and has a great sense of depth.

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