Friday 18 January 2013

Postcards from Europe

The completed painting - Postcards from Europe.

Postcards from Europe - oil on linen - 36" x 48" - Carol Lee Beckx ©2013

I worked in oil on linen. The canvas measures 36” x 48”. This was quite time-consuming as each postcard had a fair amount of detail. Fortunately since each image was an independent little painting I could move to another leaving the first to dry.

Top row L-R Tower Bridge, London; Evening in Paris; The Parthenon Athens; Horse and Carriage, Greece;

2nd row Tivoli Fountains, Italy; Sorrento, Italy; The Blue Grotto, Greece; A St Bernard in the Alps; Ski Lodge & Ski lift;

3rd row  Oktoberfest; The Forum, Rome; The Isle of Capri; Hydra Greece

Bottom Row Oompah Band Germany; Fishermen with Horse and carriage, Spetsa, Greece;
Greek National dress, Mykonos rooftops  

Detail of some images can be seen in this post.


  1. fabulous Carol! WOW, I can see how it would be time consuming... took me on a lovely trip ... I've been to each of the places on various and numerous times. Thank you for the journey!!

  2. Hi Carol.
    A beautiful painting, or should I say painting`s. All the best Carol.