Monday 21 January 2013

And the winner is...

The winner of the Personal Planner is Maggie Latham. 

She does the most wonderful watercolours and is currently running 31 Days of Colour on her blog Maggie Latham Studios. These are free tutorials on working with colour in watercolour. 

So, Maggie, I hope the planner makes 2013 even more productive. 
Please send me your email address and your gift card will be sent to you

Happy planning.


  1. Carol, Wow....what a surprise! I was feeling a little gloomy this Monday morning with snow on the ground, a cold wind and some watercolours which are not going as well as I had hoped (lol) this has made my day.Thank you! Will e-mail you with details.

    1. So happy you are pleased- now you can choose one of your paintings for the cover! That will brighten your day!
      And by the way, enjoy the snow for me - its SO hot here at the moment....