Sunday 30 December 2012

Picking a winner!

I nominated a winner! I am absolutely delighted that my nomination for Getting out of the Studio Making a Mark Awards is the winner.

I nominated Haidee-Jo Summers artist -ma vie en Couleurs because I was so impressed with her plein air paintings in all kinds of weather. Her paintings are fresh, vibrant and of a very high standard. I first came across her work at the time of the Diamond Jubilee from a link on Making a Mark. She was one of a number of artists selected to paint the 60th Jubilee River Pageant. She persevered when others were forced to abandon wet paintings.

Please go to the link here to read more about this award and do check Haidee-Jo’s blog posts about her very busy and successful painting year.

I have tremendous admiration for plein air painters. It’s something that was, unfortunately, not feasible in South Africa due to security concerns but certainly possible now that I am living in Australia. Reading Haidee-Jo’s posts has encouraged me to make the effort to get out of the studio with my easel and paints in 2013.

Congratulations Haidee-Jo on this well-deserved award!


  1. Lovely and colorful work. I can see why she won.

  2. Thank you so much Carol, and I'm so glad I've inspired you to get out there - for me there's no thrill like it! I wish you a very happy and productive 2013! :-)