Monday 24 December 2012

Sketching out and about in Noosa

I've learnt a couple of things in the last few days. I need to be better organised to sketch...

Sketching at Organika
  • My lovely Lamy Safari pen has just run out of ink and the bottle is sitting back at home :(
  • I forgot to pack clips to hold the pages when it gets windy;
  • I forgot that my Moleskin sketchbook is lovely for pencil and ink but doesn't like watercolour at all.
I did learn, however, that Inktense pencils are great on the Moleskin paper so I will continue to use the sketchbook.
I discovered Organika five minutes down the road for delicious coffee....


  1. Looks nice... there is always the first time which prepares for the next time! Happy holidays to you.

    1. I'll need to make a master list ! And Happy holidays to you too Helen.

  2. I always forget matter how much I prepare. Great looking sketch.

    1. Thanks, Celeste. there comes a point when you realise you can't take everything! I have been forced to experiment with different mediums which is good - even the ordinary Bic - and I rather like the results....
      I hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  3. Lovely sketchbook image and I relate to running out of ink!
    I now use pencil with watercolor, but have tried and enjoyed many different methods. The main thing is to keep those sketchbooks going!