Monday 29 November 2010


I have added a portrait page to my website. Commissioned portraits now have a separate page. These paintings almost always have a story attached to them. Some I have done as a memorial for loved ones, such as the portraits of Margie and also Rajesh’s Mother.

Margie - oil on canvas 505mm x 405mm
©2009  Carol Lee Beckx
Another was painted to commemorate a 21st birthday. Jordy Smith is a World Champion surfer from South Africa. Initially, I was commissioned  to do a conventional portrait.
Jordy Smith - detail - oil on canvas
©2009  Carol Lee Beckx
However, the client wanted to highlight the different stages of his career, so the painting eventually became a complex composition. In addition to the head and shoulders portrait, he is shown as a boy on a skateboard, when he won his first competition, and riding the waves.  An added challenge was that the painting was to be a surprise so I had to rely on family photographs to do the painting.

A favourite of mine is the one of my friend Zeldaa talented artist and always so elegant. I painted her seated in the studio where we painted every week.

There are more images on the Portrait page of my website.

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  1. These two are very nice as are the others on your portrait page. I also like the piece by Zelda. So talented - everyone!