Sunday 30 March 2014

Painting at Deja Bru Cafe`

A while ago I painted a Paris street scene for Deja Bru CafĂ©. The lovely people there have asked me to do three small paintings for another wall. This time the subjects will be delicious cakes, a cup of Cappuccino and teacups and teapots.

Deja Bru Cafe`

There’s a change with this commission, though. Instead of painting in my Studio I’ll be taking my easel to Deja Bru Cafe`. I’ll be there on Tuesday morning this week. I’ll continue working on the paintings there the following week as well. 

Additional painting days and times will be posted on my Facebook page Carol Lee Beckx and the Deja Bru Facebook page.

This should be such fun - and yes, a bit scary - but fun all the same. If you are nearby do call in - you can check up on my progress and have a delicious cup of coffee at the same time.

Deja Bru Cafe`  - click on this link to see a map.
McDowall Village 
cnr Hamilton and Beckett Roads, McDowall 4053
Tel: 0431 249 971

Monday 10 March 2014

Serenity Falls, Buderim Rain Forest Park

This weekend I joined my family up the Sunshine Coast at a resort near Buderim. After a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning, the family went off to visit friends nearby. I had been checking the area to see what I could find that would be good to paint. I discovered the Serenity Falls not from the village centre in the Buderim Rain Forest Park, only a ten minute drive away.

The day was cool as I set off down the path to the falls. I was glad I had packed walking shoes as the path was steep, with many moss-covered steps. Often downhill is more challenging than up!

Serenity Falls I -  ink and watercolour in Zeta Sketchbook © 2014 Carol Lee Beckx

A wooden bridge gave a wonderful view of the falls, set into the rocky hillside, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. A pool below provided a place for families to paddle in the cool water. I did one watercolour from the bridge, using a few pencil lines and then going straight in with watercolour.

I used my A4 Zeta sketchbook for a double page spread. I do enjoy the smooth finish which makes watercolour even more unpredictable. One has to relax and let the paint and paper create their own magic. Once the painting was dry I added some ink with a Lamy Safari and Noodlers Black ink.

Serenity Falls II ink and watercolour in Zeta Sketchbook © 2014 Carol Lee Beckx

After walking down a few more steps to the bottom I got a different perspective of the waterfall. Using a rock as a seat, it was lovely to sit in the shade and take my time with a second painting.

While waiting for the painting to dry, I had a chance to unwind and enjoy this little piece of paradise before climbing back up the path to my car.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Glimmering Fragments of the Mist

Glimmering Fragments of the Mist was inspired by an early morning walk. The trees in the park across the road were veiled in mist. They looked ethereal and shrouded in mystery. So how to capture that experience?

Glimmering Fragments of the Mist - oil, charcoal, carbon block & silver foil on linen 
914 mm x 1218 mm © 2014 Carol Lee Beckx

I used a number of sketches  and photographs, combining some elements from each. Ultimately I was relying more on the memory, the sensation and the mood of that early morning.

WIP Mist Charcoal & Water-soluble graphite - 300 mm x 420 mm

Recently my colours have been highly saturated - sharp and bright with minimal neutrals. The mood of this painting called for a more delicate touch. Colours were kept soft, gentle and muted. Charcoal marks add contrast and movement; added during the painting process rather than as preliminary lines.The silver foil was an indulgence, added to enhance the "glimmering" idea.

In the past I have often turned to poetry as a way to choose a title for a piece. My approach is rather unorthodox - I open the poetry book at a random page and see what I can find…

Looking for something other than “Misty Morning” or “The Mist in the Trees” I found my copy of W.B.Yeats and tried my random page method. 

The book opened at Meditations in Time of Civil War and the line that caught my eye was:

             “And those white glimmering fragments of the mist swept by.”

I had found the title!

WIP Mist - oil on canvas - 914 mm x 1218 mm

WIP Mist - oil,charcoal & carbon block on canvas - 914 mm x 1218 mm