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I realised the other day that I can be found all over the place, so I thought it would make sense to put all the links in one place so you can find me. (Shameless self-promotion?) 

My website Carol Lee Beckx has recently been given a facelift with a fresh theme. A link appears on here the right sidebar of Art Matters. I've changed the format of the News and Commissions Pages as well, so the articles appear as separate posts.

Stories about some of my commissions

And a few News posts

About Carol  - Biography, Exhibitions and Awards will tell you more about my art training and career. It also includes a list of the exhibitions featuring my work and awards received.

Another addition to the website is the Shop which has links directly to Etsy and Red Bubble. Here you can purchase original art and products which feature my paintings.
An important addition to my Shop page is Blurb. Here you will find links to my book Colour - A Practical Approach. It is available as both hard and soft cover as well as an affordable eBook. 

Red Bubble


A favourite hangout of mine is Instagram - my profile name is carol_lee_beckx - here you will find WIP images, interesting photos and a few cat photos. 

My profile on Flickr predominantly has current sketches and paintings.

Pinterest is a now and again place for me. If I'm researching a topic for one of my classes then I trawl through the image looking for inspiration. I try not to stay too long or hours can easily pass...

Oh and here's the link to Facebook...Carol Lee Beckx Artist

And then there's Twitter ...

Twitter sees me visiting intermittently although I do tweet regularly. (But - I'm telling you a secret - these are set up to tweet directly from my Facebook page) 

If you click on the highlighted names you'll go directly there.

And if you want to talk me directly there’s a contact form at the side of the blog.

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