Wednesday 27 June 2018

Experimenting with digital

I can’t believe I haven’t spoken about the iPad 2018 yet!

This recent addition to the iPad lineup is most welcome. I’ve been eyeing the iPad Pro ever since it was launched some years ago and it’s always been out of reach. My budget just didn’t stretch that far. 

The 6th Generation iPad 2018 changes many things. It’s been created with educators and schools in mind, being a more affordable option while  still working with the Apple Pencil, another game changer. Schools and teachers are given a small discount and with the trade in value of my iPad Air, it was now affordable. 

The biggest difference for me is the change that the Apple Pencil makes to digital painting. Another difference is coming across a video explaining Procreate in a really clear manner. Sure you can flip through the Procreate User guide but it could as well be in a foreign language. James Julier  takes the User guide and goes through all the functions, demonstrating each process and brush setting. 

I’ve been doing a few portraits so I was pleased the RQAS Members Exhibition include a category for photography and digital art. This painting will be on show at the Exhibition which opens tonight Wednesday 27th June. 

This portrait of Kimberly (the reference is from Sktchy) combines two mediums. The portrait itself is painted using Procreate with pastel / crayon brushes and 6B pencil, superimposed on a watercolour painting Abundance painted last year.

Kimberley - digital painting 

And framed...

For the first time I remembered to take a photo of the framed painting without the glass - although I did manage include a shadow from the frame mouldings!

And a reminder of Abundance - watercolour on Saunders Waterford