Wednesday 30 May 2012

Art and technology

There are so many things that can lead an artist astray - that can divert you from your day's plan. Some of you will know that recently I received an iPad for a present. So now there is a new distraction - but maybe not. I am sitting waiting for my car to be serviced and I am using this time to write a short post.

Bark I - oil on canvas 610mm x 915mm Carol Lee Beckx © 2012

I have also been playing with Brushes. Huge kudos go to David Hockney for his mastery of this medium. It's actually really hard to get to grips with using the app. I fear some serious time discipline will be necessary in the coming weeks.

I have started compiling a portfolio of my paintings. This so much easier than carrying around a heavy book of photographs. I'm sure many other artists also have the same feeling - that the magic screen enhances the most ordinary work! What is great about using an iPad to view a painting is that the zoom function enables one to enjoy the details.

The painting above is a commission completed recently for this fully furnished city apartment. It's interesting to see how the  paintings add to the ambiance of a room.


  1. The paiinting MAKES the room - would be very bland without the painting!

  2. I totally agree! The painting makes the room. They have to do a few more toss pillows and things now to let it "sit right."
    The painting will be their inspiration.

  3. I enjoy seeing a good painting in a nice space...well done! I doubt that I will ever do any ipad art, but I appreciate those who do and the results!

  4. Thanks Joan, Linda and Celeste.It is rewarding to see your painting making a difference to a room.