Wednesday 25 February 2015

Inspiration from Cedar Pocket

I have been busy in my studio painting for a number of exhibitions coming up soon. These entry dates never fail to take me by surprise when the beginning of the year rolls around. 

Every year I make promises to myself to start early. In fact I resolve to plan during the year for these shows. This never happens because there's always something else to work on especially when there are commissions to be painted. Oh well - it's good to be busy.

This large work was inspired by a trip up to Cedar Pocket last year. I took loads of photos and this painting is a combination of a few. I love to re-invent reality, taking a bit from this one and another bit from that. This way I have the freedom to change the colours, to edit and alter rather than slavishly work from only one reference. 

Here's a sneak peek of the work in progress. The painting measures 1200mm x 915mm.

You'll have to wait a bit for the finished painting...

WIP Detail - Cedar Pocket Inspiration - oil on linen ©  2015 Carol Lee Beckx

Friday 13 February 2015

Cafe Sketching and The Brisbane Collective

I love CafĂ© sketching - there’s good coffee on hand and interesting things to sketch too.

Earlier in 2014 I did a sketch at Shutter & Brew and posted the image on Instagram. You can see this sketch here. This led to contact with a local magazine editor, Megan Starr-Thomas.

The Brisbane Collective is a volunteer run arts network supporting Brisbane Creatives. I was asked to do something for the January issue of the magazine. I decided to return to Shutter and Brew for a new sketch which TBC magazine featured in a full page illustration in the Home Grown edition of TBC Magazine. This issue and previous editions are available online here.

Shutter and Brew - ink and watercolour Beta Sketchbook ©2015 Carol Lee Beckx

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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Petite Pieces at Aspire Gallery, Paddington

Aspire Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane, has a new exhibition opening this coming Wednesday. Petite Pieces is a small format show with the maximum size keeping to 40cm x 40cm. There is more about the exhibition on the Gallery's Facebook page here.

I am happy to say that my five pieces, have been selected.

On the Window Sill Acrylic on panel 16" x 16"  ©

I have enjoyed working to a smaller format. The framed size of these two watercolours is 12" x 12".

Blue and white Teacup watercolour on paper                            Dragon Vase quin Dynasty watercolour on paper 

Rose Teacup -watercolour on paper Framed size 16" x 12"

Taking care with framing the pieces for this show has been enjoyable. I have kept the framing to minimalist white moulding and matt, and I’m happy with how the pieces look. 

I have always preferred understated frames where the artwork is enhanced by the framing rather than being overwhelmed. 

Dahlia Love - watercolour on paper Framed size 407mm x 407mm

The Gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturdays 10.30am to 16.30pm

Sunday 1 February 2015

Facebook Art Challenge

Recently there’s been a challenge taking place on Facebook. Artists challenge fellow artists to post 3 images of their work each day for 5 days, and challenge another artist to do the same. 

I thought I would share the images I posted along with a little commentary.

A collage of artichokes...

and some minatures form a few years ago...

Nostalgia takes me back to the beach. 

The first is “Hot Bluff” for the KZNSA Members Exhibition celebrating 100 Years for the Society of Artists. It was lovely to read in the comments that the collectors who have this painting are still enjoying it!

Hot Bluff oil on canvas 900mm x 900mm

The second painting “Red Bandanna” has a story attached to it. I took the photo with my phone than had a camera almost shooting blind on a bright day. A few years after selling the painting, I was talking to someone over the phone for work when she said “I have one of your paintings, the one at the beach with the dog. I bought it because it’s my friend and I with her dog in the painting!”

“Red Bandanna” oil on canvas 500mm x 500mm

The third painting is “Two Women, Three dogs” and reminds me how much I miss walking on the beach at Umhlanga Rocks.

Two Women, Three dogs - oil on canvas 500mm x 500mm

Some flowers for you to enjoy. It seems I have a thing for roses - pink - and mirrors. 

Pink Roses & Mirrors - oil on canvas 510mm x 1020mm

Lizzianthus oil on canvas 900mm x 600mm

Pink Roses with Mirrors - oil and silver leaf on canvas 900mm x 900mm

And more landscapes...
This first painting was exhibited in another KZNSA Members exhibition.The theme was “Green” so the process meshed well with the topic.It is an example of ultimate re-cycling.

The canvas started off life as a painting of orange roses (unsuccessful) then I took it along to a portrait workshop and it became a portrait (unsuccessful) until finally it became this landscape! 
I need to add that the under-paintings were thin with no impasto so this allowed me to continue working on the canvas, now adding more texture with thicker paint.

This has remained one of my favourite paintings - you can see I have used a crop for the banner image on this blog.

Square Landscape - oil on canvas 700 mm x 700 mm exhibited at KZNSA Members “Green” Exhibition

 Mountain Stream - oil on canvas 380mm x 780mm Affordable Art Fair Art Space Durban

Sinister Pool - oil on canvas 700mm x 700mm Affordable Art Fair ArtSpace Durban

Years ago the WSSA (Watercolour Society of South Africa) now sadly disbanded, had very strict rules - only painted watercolour paper for collage. So these paintings were created using hand painted papers - tissue paper, rice paper and watercolour paper. It’s a creative way of re-using paintings that did not make the mark.

Langebaan Salt Marshes Watercolour collage 

Mushrooms 760mm x 550mm Watercolour collage & mixed media

Water & Light, The Earth and Sky 760mm x 550mm Watercolour collage & mixed media

Landscapes again

Now that I have been here in Australia for four years I am discovering new exciting places that feed my creativity. The rivers and creeks near my home are the source of these paintings.

Nymphaea oil on canvas oil on canvas 910mm x 610mm

Reeds Rise from Water - oil on canvas 760mm x 760mm

Riverside Trees oil on linen 910mm x 610mm 
Winner of the 2014 Grand Prize Nundah Village Art Exhibition