Wednesday 29 August 2018

A new painting

During the winter holidays, while house sitting at my daughter’s home, I bought some white lilies, my favourite flowers. I did a few sketches and a quick watercolour, but I wanted to be able to use them as reference material in the future. I set up the flowers in a number of locations, to try different arrangements. My favourite place was the dresser in the main bedroom with the antique mirror and reflections of patterned wallpaper. Some pears in a bright green bowl in keeping with the foliage and a crystal candle holder completed the still life. 

The painting became a lot more detailed than was originally intended but I enjoyed the process immensely. At some stage, I would like to tackle a similar subject but in a much looser more abstract style. It will be interesting to see the two approaches side by side.

Still Life with Lilies - oil on canvas 605 mm x 605 mm