Sunday 14 November 2010

The End of a Chapter

I write this post today with no small measure of emotion. Today marks the official end of my personal involvement with the retail Koi trade. I have been associated with the industry for over 15 years. First it was on the sidelines and then directly as a business owner. The shop has given me a good living and I’ve been able to support myself. My son and daughter-in-law have been essential in helping me grow the business to one that is successful in its sphere and that now provides employment to seven people.

Running a shop such as this has taught me many lessons. I have developed valuable skills in administration that are not generally included in an arts curriculum. I have had to become adept at running a business with no accounting or bookkeeping training, mostly by keeping everything as simple as possible, and by making friends with the accountants even though I still think they talk a foreign language.

The fact that I ended up having a shop was more by accident than design. One never really knows what life has in store. In an earlier post, Juggling roles, I commented on the fact that the plans you make in life seldom take the intended form. In fact, sometimes one feels it is better not to plan but rather to go where one is led.

I could feel that I my life would have been more fulfilled if I had spent the years as a painter and teacher. Now that I think about it, I’m not so sure. My life has been both varied and challenging - essentially good training for any artist.

What I have felt, rather, in common with many creative people, is a little frustration that there are not more hours in the day. I often wish that I could have had two lives running concurrently so I could do all the things I wanted to do.

So, as I left the shop today, it was with sadness at the end of an important part of my life. However, I know that the business is in very competent hands and will continue to be successful. I look forward to the future with excitement.


  1. Changes can be very difficult. I wish you the best and you start on the next chapter of your life.

  2. You are now truly ready for the exciting and enriching journey that lies ahead. Knowing that you are pursuing what you love and that you will make a success of this chapter will encourage you as you explore the opportunities that lie ahead. We wish you an abundance of joy. Take care. Love. Trisha

  3. The love and support of family and friends makes this journey possible. Thank you all for your encouragement.