Monday 20 May 2013

Helen's Spring Bouquet

Teaching has such wonderful rewards. In addition to being able to help students discover their creativity, I am also being enriched. Recently, teaching watercolour in particular has connected me with the medium in a powerful way.

I am falling in love with it all over again.

Helen’s Spring Bouquet - watercolour in Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook - ©2013 Carol Lee Beckx

I love the unexpected way the paint behaves; the wonderful translucency of the colours; and the sheer joy of moving paint around to see what happens when it is left to its own devices. I am discovering new colours on an almost daily basis.

This painting is from a photograph taken by my blogging friend Helen - Life is Good. Thank you for allowing me to use it.


Wednesday 1 May 2013

Seek Peace

I do like being on the receiving end of lovely things. This morning there was a treat in my post box. I am the lucky recipient of a recent giveaway on an artist’s blog.

Barry Smith, an Australian Sculptural Artist and Metal worker, was celebrating his 600th blog post on Rustnstuff. It will be some time before I reach such a commendable milestone.

My Seek Peace Leaf is made out from recycled EPNS trays.
I love the idea that the silver has a new life. I  love the simple message to seek peace always and in all things.
A treasure indeed.