Sunday 10 December 2023

Thirteenth Anniversary

Today, thirteen years ago, I arrived in Brisbane to start a new life here. Leaving family (Warren and Angela in particular)behind in South Africa has been hard and the return visits far fewer than I would’ve liked. Settling in to a new country took time but thanks to the unfailing support of my daughter and son in law Tanya and Craig I have a good life here.

I’ve been able to establish myself as an artist and teacher thanks to many loyal students who continue to value time in my studio.This anniversary post would not be complete without acknowledging all those who have supported my work. 

One day back in 2012, I was sketching at my local cafe Deja Bru Cafe and got talking to the owner. This conversation resulted in a commission to print this mural. You can read about that here: The Deja Bru project  and also here…

Then later I was sketching, again, while having coffee at Milk Cafe Ashgrove and posted this sketch on Instagram 

Some years later the then owner contacted me to ask if she could purchase the rights to create a mural using the sketch

Then the project was expanded to include new artwork for the outside windows. You can see more here.

Another restaurant and a new commission, this time for Oh Boy Bok Choy 
I loved doing this watercolour which now has pride of place in the restaurant. 

I would also like to thank the many Collectors who have purchased my paintings over the years. 

To all who have enriched my life here, thank you so much.