Wednesday 22 July 2020

Art @ Farm House

UPDATED 1st August 2020

Thursday Art @ Farm House now 6.00 to 8.00 pm

Have you been creating art on your own at home?

Do you crave some face-to-face social contact with like-minded creatives?


Classes at the Hamilton Road Studio have been held online using Zoom. These were more successful than I had anticipated, and those who attended coped really well. 


But… we all missed the social camaraderie we enjoyed in the physical StudioTrying to find a way to reopen the Hamilton Road Studio safely under the current restrictions has been an ongoing dilemma for me


Now, through the generosity of Amanda from Farm House Kedron we have a wonderful solution. She has offered us the use of the Farm House Kedron Café on a Thursday from 4.30 pm


Art @ Farm House

While you create you can enjoy a glass of wine or nibble on a cheese platter; and most importantly catch up with old friends and as an extra bonus make some new ones. The venue can accommodate up to 40 people while remaining safe. Teaching such a large number is not part of my plan so the numbers will cap at 20.


These evenings will be a way to spend some together as I am sure you crave some face to face human contact in a creative setting. We will work in the large Farm House Hall which will ensure proper social distancing.


You will be able to book and pay for each evening through the booking feature on the Farm House website. At the same time, you can order a drink or snack. In additionMiss Sophias Gelateria will be open all the time so you can indulge in a sweet treat. 

There will be large tables, but no easels and you would need to bring your own supplies as communal art media cannot be shared.

Café Sketching

Sketching in a café is a popular activity with urban sketchers. However, COVID 19 put this on hold. If you are a novice it can be intimidating to pull out  sketchbook and start drawing. Our first session of Art @ Farm House will give you an opportunity to practice. There is an array of fascinating objects, succulents and pot plants that will be available as drawing subjects as well as other inspiration we’ll introduce over time.

There is an array of fascinating objects, succulents and pot plants that will be available as drawing subjects. Other techniques and mediums will be introduced later - please let me know where your interest lies.

 I have often sketched at Farm House as you can see from these sketches.

What to bring

The materials should be whatever you have on hand – keep it simple.


A few suggestions:


• Drawing paper – loose sheets or a sketchbook 
• Drawing tools: Pencils, pens, either fine liners, fountain pens or ballpoint pend, markers, or pencil crayons – these can be watercolour pencil crayons or standard pencils. 
• If you have a set of watercolours you use for urban sketching this would be useful. 


Art @ Farmhouse 6.00 to 8.00 pm

9 Somerset Road, Kedron

BOOKINGS - click for bookings page

• Cost $22.00 
• Drinks and snacks extra
• Bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance i.e. by Wednesday 6.00 pm.
• Book and pay on the Farm House website. Select Events and the date. You will receive a booking confirmation email and materials list.
Bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance i.e. by Wednesday  4.30 pm.

I hope you will come along and join us for a creative time with like-minded artists up in this exciting new venture.





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