Monday 13 April 2020

Studio classes - one month on...

Since establishing the weekly classes in my Studio almost ten years ago, one of the most treasured aspects is the strong sense of community that has been nurtured here. I love that I have  seen experimentation and developing creativity; artists mastering skills and techniques; and also the sharing of experiences - often happy and sometimes sad. 

It’s been a month now that we meet, not in my little Studio but online, I am both happy and thankful that this sense of community remains. 

I thought I would give you an idea of how it all works. 

The class schedules remain unaltered and we meet on the same day at the same times - routine is good. I start a class in Zoom and then the artists sign in. By the way, we have had no security issues using Zoom. At times the connection might be a little slow, (thanks to the whole world beong constantly online) otherwise it's been relatively easy. 

We can see and hear each other; have a chance to touch base and chat about our week; share work in progress and offer suggestions, advice and encouragement. The community atmosphere of sharing and friendship remains. 

The smiling faces of the Saturday group.

Before the class starts, I am sent photographs of work in progress. Then by using my iPad connected to my laptop we can all view the work. I can annotate the photograph showing any possible amendments. This is particularly useful when beginning a work and the design needs to be altered. I have worked like this in the Studio for some time so its good to be able to continue in the same way. 

Here we were talking about the contrasting vertical and horizontal aspects of this lovely watercolour of giraffes, and how the shadows at the bottom would add a strong design feature. 

This is a photograph of a still life set up was sent to me. Here, using Procreate I can demonstrate the wide range of colours found in the photograph - it shows that green is not just one green and brown has many variations too. 

Term 2 

Since none of us were going anywhere a communal decision was taken to continue with classes over Easter so the first term will happily roll into the second.


If anyone would like to join us please send me an email at, we would love to have you. There is also the opportunity for one-on-one sessions and individual mentorship. I would love to discuss your personal requirements. 


A recent mail from a Studio attendee:

Hi Carol,

Count me in Carol. Same time, same place.
I commend you on the effort you have put in. I was so surprised how you managed to make the class enjoyable and productive. You should feel very proud of yourself.
The accountability is good for me, and the rewards from producing my art ........ words cannot express.

See you tomorrow🎨👌

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