Sunday 5 February 2017

Hills Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase

On Thursday evening I was given the opportunity to host members of the Hills & Districts Chamber of Commerce. It was the first Business Showcase for 2017. The Studio was re-arranged; different paintings hung; and selected sketchbooks, cards and calendars displayed. 

My guests had a chance to see inside an artist's studio with bubbles and nibbles to accompany their browsing. I had the opportunity (with a captive audience 😊) to talk about my life and art; sharing a little about my life growing up in South Africa and the decision to move to Australia six years ago.

I discussed the  process of a painting from the initial inspiration through to the execution and completion. To a non-artist this process might seem mysterious so I showed how I use reference sketches and photographs to organise the design of the artwork.

Members of the Hills Chamber of Commerce come from a wide range of professional practices - providing comprehensive support to the local community. The Chamber meets for breakfast once a month. 

        Mission Statement
        The Hills and Districts Chamber of Commerce exists to support its members to 
        achieve profitable and sustainable businesses and effective not-for-profit organisations.

The members are wonderfully supportive and encouraging. If you live in the north of Brisbane and want to learn more about the Chamber, here's a link to the website. Alternatively, please contact me and perhaps come to a meeting. 

I'd like to thank the Hills Chamber for giving me this opportunity to Showcase my art practice. 

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