Monday 25 July 2016

Holiday in Tasmania - sketchbooks and materials

I've been back home for two weeks - why do holidays fly past so quickly?

When planning the trip, just as important as warm gear for the cold weather is deciding what art equipment to take. I knew The Perfect Sketchbook with Fabriano Artistico would be on the list. Then I added a Fabriano watercolour block, and then a cold press Canson block. (Yes, I know, way too many and I never got to use the large one!)

Here's a list of the rest...
 Schmincke watercolour travel boxes x 2 - one large and one small
Tubes of gouache (didn't use any!)
Pencil/pen wrap
Pink bag with spray bottle; sponge in a zip lock bag; small water bottle (specimen bottle - they don't leak!); waterbrush and small Schminke palette 
Tote bag
Cap - didn't wear once - beanie weather!
Faber Castell Collapsible water jar

If you would like to see all my sketching gear here's a short video:


When on holiday I like to write about my travels as much as I like to sketch so finding the right book to use is important. Years ago, I would have a small A6 hardcover black book as a travel journal and then carry a separate sketchbook as well. Then gradually I realised that I wanted a combination, and all in one book. It seemed wasteful to use watercolour paper for writing and yet flimsy paper wouldn't be any good for sketches. Then, while looking through some old sketchbooks I remembered the Daler Rowney Ebony sketchbooks. I bought a landscape A5 format, 150gsm and at the price I could afford to be extravagant with my use of pages of travel journaling. The paper although it's the same weight as the Stillman & Birn Alpha, it's not quite as nice for watercolour but at half the cost that's a small trade off.

So the sketchbook has been a lovely way to capture the story of my holiday in words and sketches.  
Since returning I've been doing some quick ink and watercolour sketches from photos taken during my visit to Tasmania. I'm so pleased that I always take an overload of images because I then have plenty of inspiration to work and can re-visit the places.
Rock formations on the Tasman Peninsula - ink and watercolour

I'm going to continue with this format book as a daily journal/sketchbook. This way the sketchbook can be a place to think things through, try new ideas and not become too precious about using up good paper

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