Wednesday 4 February 2015

Petite Pieces at Aspire Gallery, Paddington

Aspire Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane, has a new exhibition opening this coming Wednesday. Petite Pieces is a small format show with the maximum size keeping to 40cm x 40cm. There is more about the exhibition on the Gallery's Facebook page here.

I am happy to say that my five pieces, have been selected.

On the Window Sill Acrylic on panel 16" x 16"  ©

I have enjoyed working to a smaller format. The framed size of these two watercolours is 12" x 12".

Blue and white Teacup watercolour on paper                            Dragon Vase quin Dynasty watercolour on paper 

Rose Teacup -watercolour on paper Framed size 16" x 12"

Taking care with framing the pieces for this show has been enjoyable. I have kept the framing to minimalist white moulding and matt, and I’m happy with how the pieces look. 

I have always preferred understated frames where the artwork is enhanced by the framing rather than being overwhelmed. 

Dahlia Love - watercolour on paper Framed size 407mm x 407mm

The Gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturdays 10.30am to 16.30pm

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