Monday 13 October 2014

BNE Open House 2014 day two

On day two of Brisbane Open House 2014 some of us from USK BNE gathered at the Treasury Hotel and Casino. We were able to join a tour of some of the rooms with a group of Instagrammers.

Originally the building was the Lands Administration Building so we were able to see some of the historic rooms including a secret stairway where the Premier could escape to George street!

We also toured the Commissariat Store Museum and National Trust House. These provided good photographic material.

Sketches during the day included this one of the Old State Library with a sketcher while waiting for the treasury tour to begin. All were done in ink using a Lamy Safari EF nib and/or a Hero 812 pen with some grey brush pen in places. Sketchbook - Stillman & Birn Alpha.

Then I did a quick drawing of an inner courtyard at the Treasury Hotel and Casino.

After the tour we had coffee at Ryan’s on the Park so captured some fellow sketchers.

Lunch stop at the Coffee Club.

I missed my bus by five minutes and was feeling tired and grumpy. Then I looked across the road and saw that the Albert Street Uniting Church was also part of Brisbane Open House 2014. 

I spent the hour waiting for my bus resting in a pew doing a drawing of the magnificent interior. Lovely to catch my breath and restore my mood.

The church celebrates 125 years with special services starting next Sunday.

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