Monday 10 March 2014

Serenity Falls, Buderim Rain Forest Park

This weekend I joined my family up the Sunshine Coast at a resort near Buderim. After a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning, the family went off to visit friends nearby. I had been checking the area to see what I could find that would be good to paint. I discovered the Serenity Falls not from the village centre in the Buderim Rain Forest Park, only a ten minute drive away.

The day was cool as I set off down the path to the falls. I was glad I had packed walking shoes as the path was steep, with many moss-covered steps. Often downhill is more challenging than up!

Serenity Falls I -  ink and watercolour in Zeta Sketchbook © 2014 Carol Lee Beckx

A wooden bridge gave a wonderful view of the falls, set into the rocky hillside, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. A pool below provided a place for families to paddle in the cool water. I did one watercolour from the bridge, using a few pencil lines and then going straight in with watercolour.

I used my A4 Zeta sketchbook for a double page spread. I do enjoy the smooth finish which makes watercolour even more unpredictable. One has to relax and let the paint and paper create their own magic. Once the painting was dry I added some ink with a Lamy Safari and Noodlers Black ink.

Serenity Falls II ink and watercolour in Zeta Sketchbook © 2014 Carol Lee Beckx

After walking down a few more steps to the bottom I got a different perspective of the waterfall. Using a rock as a seat, it was lovely to sit in the shade and take my time with a second painting.

While waiting for the painting to dry, I had a chance to unwind and enjoy this little piece of paradise before climbing back up the path to my car.

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