Monday 21 May 2012

Colour workshop

The workshop held at Art Shed Brisbane last week was very successful. The participants were able to do some serious colour investigation and then put their experiments to good use completing an abstract painting on the second day. They all worked from the same reference and it was fascinating to see how each artist interpreted the same image. (The artists decided on the reference themselves) 

Colour experiment - 760mm x 600mm Oil on canvas Carol Lee Beckx

They were very enthusiastic and produced some exciting work. Not to be left out, I got in the swing of things by starting a canvas myself with the same reference when I got home on Friday evening. The inspiration you get from your students is the wonderful aspect of teaching.

The photographs show some of the work done over the two days. All the paintings below are acrylic on canvas



  1. So colorful - glad to hear it was fun and successful!

  2. A couple of spots of blue to break up the green fields and the bottom color study will be complete says me LOL. Blue come forward in that one to my eye. What fun a color workshop! I don't think we play with color enough on the side and note its spacial powers. This post looks like you had a good and fruitful time.

    1. Somehow I skipped photographing this one at the end of the day - I agree with you about the blue, although the painting took a different direction in the end. We underestimate the power of colour to influence the composition.
      Two of the studies had red going right across the bottom of the canvas. This made them seem much wider than ones that had green on the left hand side.I even had to measure to check they were the same size!