Friday 13 December 2013

Working holiday

A couple of months ago I made a flippant remark to my sister about holding a workshop while visiting family and friends in South Africa. She had lamented the fact that Australia was a bit too far for her to attend when I had advertised a recent workshop.

The off hand remark became reality on Wednesday with the one day workshop "Ink and Wash".

Before I knew what was happening she had booked the hall and had a full complement of 20 participants signed up! Whew....

So my packing list for the trip had to include pens, ink and watercolours.

The workshop was a variation on a similar one I had held in Brisbane. I knew some of the people but a lot were new to me so trying to set a level for the class was a challenge. I decided on some fun to break the ice and get everyone out of their comfort zones..... A blind contour portrait of their neighbour - and to add a twist - using only a twig pen and ink!! The twig pens, were again my sister's hard work - she collected them and cleaned off the bark; sharpened the ends - she deserves a medal...(and this is in addition to doing all the admin for the day - maybe I need her in Brisbane?)

I had a wonderful group - enthusiastic, talented and prepared to experiment with some wonderful results. Here are some examples of the work done taken during the day.

A special thank you to my sister and her sister-in-law (she helped with the catering) and all the lovely artists who helped make the day so enjoyable.

The experience of the day reinforced the realisation that my decision to make painting and teaching the focus of my life was absolutely the right one - I do so love what I do!


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