Sunday 4 August 2013

The disappearing Page and a delivery

It was supposed to be a quick fix - change a number on my Commissioned Portraits page, alter some wording and be finished.

Then, disaster - the Page has disappeared. It's so easily done - click on the wrong bit while on the iPad and oops - the page is gone - forever!! This is not the first time the flick of a careless finger has cost me dearly.

So now after fetching my laptop from home; (I'm away for the weekend) finding the saved copy of the file; deciding the page needed editing anyway; noticing that some links on other pages were not working - they slipped through the net when I upgraded my website, I've been busy for over two hours !

My new resolution - leave tinkering with the pages completely alone when not working form the safety of the laptop.

On the bright side though, it was great to deliver the painting to Transform Hair on Friday afternoon. They were thrilled with it - it's always so satisfying when a commission meets with approval.

Transform Hair The Gap


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