Sunday 11 August 2013

Images of Greece

While I would love to continue to travel the world I am so fortunate that I can enjoy beautiful places by painting them in my studio. I have never had the opportunity to visit Greece so a recent commission to capture a wonderful holiday there was almost as good as travelling there myself. 

Avlemonos, Kythira, Greece oil on canvas 30" x 24" © Carol Lee Beckx 2013

This first painting is Avlemonos on the island of Kythira. The sea is the most unbelievable colour - clear and translucent. The water is Turquoise, Cerulean, cobalt, sapphire, all in wonderful harmony; crisp white buildings with blue windows complete the picture. 

From rocky outcrops one looks down to the sea and the beach below, personally it almost gave me a feeling of being too close to the edge. (But then I do have a thing about heights)

In some ways it was really difficult to photograph the painting with any degree of accuracy, and this photo does note really do justice to the colours.

Monemvasia, Greece oil on canvas 24" x 30" © Carol Lee Beckx 2013

The second painting is set in the fishing village, Monemvasia located on a small peninsula on the east coast of the Peloponnese. Fishing boats cast interesting reflections with the Rock of Monemvasia in the background.

A highlight was delivering the paintings (always with my heart pounding, wondering how the paintings will be received) and seeing that the paintings had fulfilled my client's expectations. 

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