Tuesday 5 February 2013

Paintings at The Collective, Wynnam

Some of my paintings will be in a small exhibition at The Collective in Wynnam, a showcase for Australia's independant artists. It's a treasure trove of artwork, jewellery and craft.
These little paintings are designed to hang together and can form the start of a Memory Wall. Images showing more personal momentoes can be included with these abstract images to give the wall individual relevance.
Another series comprises a couple of beach paintings from a visit to Noosa as well as a nostalgic look at Durban's North Beach.
On the left is a detail of Two Men, Two Dogs - I enjoyed the fact that while the men were engrossed in conversation their dogs were busy ignoring each other! The little paintings on the right are people on the beach at Noosa.
A larger painting, Cups & Bottles as well as Blue Vase with Poppies will complete the mini exhibition.
If you are in Brisbane do drop in for a visit.
The Collective 78 Bay Terrace, Wynnum
07 3129 4606
The Collective Facebook Fan page

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