Monday 20 August 2012

Arts Alliance Pine Rivers Exhibition

The Arts Alliance Pine Rivers is holding their Annual Exhibition this coming weekend.

My paintings for this show are a combination of nostalgia on the one hand and also an exploration of my new country. 

Towards Kaapse Hoop - oil on canvas - 610mm x 915mm - 2012 Carol Lee Beckx

Towards Kaapse Hoop (Hope of the Cape) is a painting of the view looking towards the mountains in the Barbeton Valley, South Africa, from the farm where my daughter and her family used to live. Protea is also nostalgic - so evocative of my roots. 

Protea - oil on canvas - 700mm x 700mm - 2012 Carol Lee Beckx

Blue Vase with Poppies is a variation on a similar theme that I have painted previously.

Blue Vase with Poppies - 600mm x 600mm - 2012 Carol Lee Beckx

Mooloolaba Spray - don’t you just love that word - was painted after a visit to the Sunshine Coast, and Towards Mt Coolum is the view looking towards Noosa from the same beach at Mooloolaba.

Mooloolaba Spray - oil on canvas - 600mm x 600mm - 2012 Carol Lee Beckx

Towards Mt Coolum - oil on canvas - 600mm x 600mm 2012 Carol Lee Beckx


  1. These are wonderful- congrats on being in the show!

    1. Thanks Helen. I'm gradually learning what opportunities there are to show my work.

  2. Carol these are great. I especially like the last three. Lot of energy there. Yes, congrats on being in the show. And your enthusiasm for your new home is very evident in your work.

    1. I'm glad you enjoy the Australian paintings. It takes a while to discover what you want to paint in a new place. I'm settling into my life here and so enjoy having my work my main focus.