Monday 26 September 2011

Trees - a fascination

So, you would wonder – what’s exciting about gum trees? 
At first glance there’s repetitiveness, a sameness of shape and colour. But when you take a closer look there’s a wealth of magical neutrals, a world in camouflage. The colours of the forest are muted, soft greys and greens, subtle, gentle and dusty.
There’s’ something humbling about standing beneath these tall giants. Some of my first small watercolours done here were inspired by walks near Windarra.

I have been sketching in the local parks, using light washes of watercolour; exploring the textures with a fine pen; and then moving on to canvas for a larger painting. Light and shade is the central theme.

The textures and colours of the bark suggest that there will be a move to more abstract work in time.  Experiments with a ground of textured acrylic then using impasto oils are the start of an investigation into surface and layers.


  1. Carol you are brilliant!

  2. These are lovely! Where would we be without tress!

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