Monday 1 August 2011

A mixed bag - clouds, quotes and virtual quicksand.

There is a cool breeze but the sun is warm so I’ve moved up to the little balcony off my bedroom to write. The clouds are constantly moving and changing. It will a good place to watch the sunset.

A few weeks ago I was reminded how disposable everything in our world has become. My printer that does/did everything so beautifully (except make tea) decided that it didn’t like the print head anymore. It was a terminal failure. The sad part was that replacing this one little part, albeit essential, would cost way more than a brand new one. So into the heap of useless  trash it goes - a far cry indeed from the days when socks were darned and collars turned. It seems to make nonsense of my efforts to live a 'green' life - recycling and being conscious of waste. 

During the last weeks my priority has been unpacking and organising. The plus factor to all this organising is that I have unearthed a journal from December 2009. It’s always interesting to look back on plans one had and then see what really happened. Much of the writing is about everyday events but there are little gems culled from reading here and there. Unfortunately, some of these will remain untagged, uncredited and anonymous as I was not always careful to note the source of the quote.
For instance: “yesterday will always be yesterday, it’s what we do with the ever-moving now that matters…” and then another: “in learning navigation, there are two things that are important – where you are now and where you are trying to get to”

And in a similar vein, this time I can give it the correct accreditation Edward De Bono said:
" You can analyse the past but you have to design the future."
All too often we remain caught up in the past – re-living and regretting what has gone instead of planning the next forward step. Sometimes being content with the present is sufficient.
Here is another gem – this person was talking about checking emails and social network sites first thing in the morning – he says “It’s like being sucked into a giant pool of virtual quicksand” 

This is good advice that I intend to follow – paint first then check email and Facebook!

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