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10th September 2016

Last night I was thrilled to receive a prize for a recent portrait at the Nundah Village Art Show. 
Portrait of a Boy - watercolour on Ampersand Claybord 250mm x 250mm

So often we fail to capture the fleeting moments in our loved ones lives. In this age of digital photography we forget to make some of those precious moments permanent. An original portrait is a way of preserving these memories.

Portrait of a boy - Pastel on Canson Suede ©2013 Carol Lee Beckx

I create original portraits from your photographs. Simply select your favourite image, send it to me and I will create an original drawing or painting.

To Order

1. Select your favourite photograph or photographs the subject should be clear, well lit, with good detail. (See tips on taking photographs)
2. Email the image to me – or mail a print. (Photographs will be returned with the completed artwork.
3. The portrait will take between a week to three weeks to complete, depending in size and complexity.

Please contact me for more information and pricing. 
The price is dependent on size and number of subjects. For multiple subjects, the portraits would be done in Artists oils on Linen or canvas.

Once I have received and approved your photograph, the completion date will be confirmed. All artwork is done using archival materials to ensure a long lasting product. (Quality linen or canvas and if a drawing or pastel it will be on acid-free paper) 

Tips on taking Photographs for portraits. 

When photographing children, the window of opportunity for achieving a good image is small. Their interest wanes rapidly, and as they get older the desire to clown for the camera increases the longer the shoot continues. It’s best to catch children unaware before they realize that they are being photographed
1. The photograph should have a high resolution – at least 300dpi
2. Make sure the subject is in focus. 
3. Take the photo at eye level – for your baby you will need to get down to his or her level.
4. Try to photograph the children doing something. It helps them relax and makes for a more natural portrait.
5. Try to avoid ‘toothy’ grins – a natural smile is best.
6. You may want to include some small props – teddy or small toy.
7. Avoid using flash as it drains the face of colour and shadows that add interest to an artwork.
8. Send a few photographs as reference and indicate your preference.

Note: I reserve the right to ask for additional photographs if the images are not suitable to use.

Portraits can be ordered in the following mediums:

Graphite and charcoal on paper - supplied unframed with an archival mount
Watercolour on paper or panel supplied unframed with an archival mount, or framed
Pastel on paper - supplied unframed with an archival mount
Oil on canvas - supplied unframed on premium quality pure cotton stretched canvas 1.5” thick stretcher bars with beveled edges. The edges are painted so the portrait need not be framed. 

Please Note: Orders for International destinations can be painted on quality primed linen ready to be rolled and shipped economically.

Jordy Smith detail - oil on canvas  ©2013 Carol Lee Beckx

Portrait of Rajesh's Mother - oil on canvas - ©2013 Carol Lee Beckx

Please visit my Website - Portrait Page to view more portraits.

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