Wednesday 24 October 2018

Keeping up with Inktober - the first half

So far, so good. It’s twenty three days into October and I have been able to keep to the challenge of drawing in ink each day. Some days it has been a struggle. I knew ahead of time that being true to the offical prompts would be problematic so I decided to draw whatever I felt like if the prompt was not inspiring.
Here is a selection of the drawings. I’ve used a variety of pens and inks, ranging from the humble ballpoint pen to the calligraphic Sailor Fude or brush pen. 

#Poison - ballpoint pen 

Bike at my local cafe - Pilot Metropolitan 

Mt Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens - Sailor Fude pen

Sailor Fude pen with Sailor red/brown ink 

Pilot Metropolitan M nib with De Artramentis Fog Grey #Drool - none here...

Pilot Metropolitan F nib with Daimine Hope Pink #exhausted

Lamy Safari 1.5 mm nib with Pelikan Smokey Quartz #Precious

A series of a biker leaving my local cafe. Sailor Fude, black ink and water brush. 

Pilot Metropolitan F nib De Artramentis Document Black and a water brush for the wash 

 Lamy Safari 1.5 mm nib with Pelikan Smokey Quartz and Pelikan Smokey Quartz #Guarded

A mixture of cheap coloured ballpoint pens. 

Sailor Fude De Artramentis Document Black

BIC ballpoint pen, Pilot Metropolitan with a water brush for the wash. #angular

Please note: all photos taken quickly with a phone - saves time for drawing!

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