Wednesday 19 April 2017

Sktchy30 - The halfway mark, meeting the challenge

There are plenty of challenges around. A recent one was #oneweek100 people; there's the 365 day drawing challenge; Celebrate ink in Inktober, etc. Frequently, I have started a challenge with enthusiasm and optimism only to abandon it halfway through. Sometimes it was due to the choice of prompts which were uninspiring (to me) sometimes other matters took priority.

When the Sktchy app came up with #Sktchy30 I thought that it was something I could achieve more easily than most of the other challenges. Each day a prompt from Sktchy arrives in my inbox. As an example, describe the rituals that get you creating; incorporating play into your work; the use of  colour; describe your workplace/studio environment.
Since the email arrives in Australia in the afternoon(early morning in the US) most of the day has passed before the prompt arrives. I prefer to start drawing early or even the day before which make using the prompt difficult. So I decided from the beginning to create my own challenge:
  • to see if I could use a different medium or try a different technique each day.
  • If time was an issue on a particular day then the sketch would be quick 5/10 minutes
  • If I had more time on another day, and had already completed a sketch, I would start something more ambitious to complete another day.

If I'm working later in the day and I can incorporate the prompt that is a bonus. So far the prompts have been more motivational than a specific theme or subject and my plan is working. I also remembered a toned sketchbook that I had hardly used. Experimenting with various mediums on this surface has been an interesting exercise. I think I might even grow fond of the paper! 
Here are some of the work created during the last two weeks. 

Watercolour on Alpha paper

Gouache on Alpha paper

Quick contour drawing - ink and wash

Digital drawing - Procreate

Colour added - Procreate

Gouache on Strathmore toned paper 

Experimenting with masking fluid and watercolour 

Mark Rothko - screenshot from a video about the artist

Portrait of Evelyn Nesbit - gouache on toned paper

Gouache on toned paper

Digital drawing - Procreate

Ballpoint pen, white ink and gouache

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