Wednesday 30 November 2016

Visiting my Paintings

I've written about my paintings being hung in different places, one of which is in the house of a friend. The house is up for sale - the agent is another friend, Mary Di Marco from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate. 

I had seen photos on the agency website but I was eager to see the paintings in situ. I called around on Monday. What a beautiful home! It's light and airy and the rooms are spacious, with amazingly shiny floors which help reflect the light.

I love seeing my work on the walls of people's homes, it's where a painting belongs. These paintings look as though they were painted for the house - the colours couldn't have been better chosen. 

If you're in the Brisbane area and you're looking for a wonderful house in the lovely suburb of Upper Kedron, perhaps this is the house for you? 

Here are some of my photos - and, I confess, the focus is primarily on the paintings...

Still - oil on linen

Magnolias - oil on canvas

Strata - oil on canvas

Bark II - oil on canvas

Red Roses I & II - oil on canvas

 Orchids in a Bucket - oil on canvas

The Cliff - oil on canvas 

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