Thursday 30 June 2016

Color for Painters - A Guide to Traditions and Practice by Al Gury

Color for Painters: A Guide to Traditions and Practice - This richly illustrated book by Al Gury covers the history of Western painting including modern approaches to colour: the composition and use of various pigments; exercises to mix paint and step by step demonstrations.

Al Gury is Professor of painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and has been designated Master Teacher by The University of the Arts in Philadelphia as well as American Artist Magazine.


A few sample pages are shown below.

Carlo Russo Yarns (study in complements) 2009 oil on linen 

Scumbles - translucent White is scumbled over pure colours

Masters of colour: LH page Matisse - Still Life with Vegetables 1905 
RH page - Hans Hoffmann Rising Moon 1965 

Colour wheel suggestions 
Gury suggests trying various triads of prismatic colours and make shades and tints of each to explore the full range of colours possible.

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