Monday 23 May 2016

Testing the Mars Lumograph Black Artists pencil

When drawing with graphite and you are creating dark tones, as the values are increased by layering more and more graphite, the end result is often not black but a shiny grey. I've used the Mars Lumograph Blue range for sometime. Pencils marked 7B and 8B are different in that the graphite has a higher carbon content. The result is matte jet black lines.

The Mars Lumograph Black Artists Pencils are a new addition to the range of Staedtler pencils. These have a special formulation with a higher proportion of carbon like the Blue range. These pencils 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B now provide more choice. 

I used Mars Lumograph Black 6B for this drawing. The core is much harder than a 6B in other brands. A matte black finish can easily be achieved, and because it's not as soft as other 6Bs, it can be sharpened easily to a fine point. Marks erase quite easily which is useful!

Catie Daniel - image from Sktchy 
Mars Lumograph Black Artists Pencil on Arches 300 GSM Hot Press paper

Note: Art Shed Brisbane gave me a sample of this pencil to test. Stock of the full range arrived in Store this morning. I guess even though I don't need another pencil I'll be back to Art Shed for more in this range!

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