Sunday 7 December 2014

A workshop with a difference - a Hen's Painting Party

The best thing about teaching art is that you get the opportunity to introduce people to abilities they don’t think they have. Usually the classes and workshops in my studio are attended by people who have done some drawing and painting, even though it might had been years since they picked up a brush. More often they will be regular students at the studio. 

Yesterday afternoon my studio was filled with enthusiastic novices. It was a Hen's party with a difference. (And in case you’re wondering there was no life model in attendance.)

 I had some ideas prepared for my guests - photographic reference and some templates; small canvases and plenty of acrylic paint in rainbow colours.

After a glass of bubbly to start, I gave a brief explanation and the ladies started creating their paintings. 

Once the paintings had progressed somewhat it was time to let the paint dry and take a break for snacks and delicious cake. 

Three hours later and all the guests went home with a completed painting. I think they surprised themselves. I love introducing people to the fun of painting - I had the most enjoyable afternoon.

And  to Tania - a most capable assistant - a special thank you.

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