Monday 17 February 2014

Falling Back to Earth - Drawings

While visiting Falling Back to Earth at Goma, I took some time to sit and draw. Paper, pencils and clipboards were provided for visitors to create their own impressions of Eucalyptus, the huge installation in the Long Gallery.

I had my sketchbook and some water soluble pencils to use for my drawings. At the end of the gallery, cut tree rounds provided seating and a couple of enormous tree trunks created tables.

Looking at the centre was like looking into a canyon - deep fissures in the timber.

Tree Canyon - ink and watercolour in Stillman & Birn Alpha Sketchbook 
© 2014 Carol Lee Beckx

This drawing needed fine ink lines so it was completed in my studio. (The gallery gets twitchy about anyone using a pen in the Gallery space.)

Sketches in Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook using Derwent Graphitint, Noodlers Lexington Grey ink and watercolour.

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