Friday 3 January 2014

Creativity and inspiration

As some of you know, I held a one day workshop the first week I was in Durban, so I came armed with sketchbooks, drawing materials and watercolours. Now I have a confession to make: this holiday I have done very little drawing or painting. For once I have NOT followed the advice I give my students - draw while on holiday - do something small every day.

My holiday in South Africa is drawing to a close. I fly back to Australia on Monday. These five weeks have been a time for family and friends. It's been a time of returning to familiar places, but also a time of discovering that familiar places no longer look so familiar - change happens everywhere.

Over numerous cups of coffee and delicious meals, I have been fortunate to reconnect with a number of my artist friends. It's been wonderful to be welcomed back and to catch up on all their news. I've been to a couple of the galleries that haven't taken a holiday over this festive time to see the work currently on show.

It's also been a time for reading. I have borrowed a number of books and it's been good to relax, to be with my grandchildren, to watch them swim; simultaneously satisfying my love of reading.

I've also been thinking which for a creative mind is often as important as making art. Our lives are usually so busy we don't make time to day dream or make plans, but the fresh year is a good place to do just that.

At the beginning of the New Year there's always a rash of motivational posts. There are tips on making resolutions; tips on not making resolutions; how to get fit and loose weight; how to run; how not to run (I translate that into "don't run" I will be walking though...) become rich; become famous etc.etc.etc.

I look forward to the weekly updates from Maria Popova's Brian Pickings, there is always something both stimulating and inspirational. So when I found this post on her Facebook page How to Master your Creative Routine and Pace of Productivity it seemed to be directed at me.

(sorry for the clumsy link but Blogsy isn't playing nice today - it keeps want to post a link to a "How to" video LOL !!)

Popova draws from a number of inspirational writers and Gretchen Rubin in particular. There are a number of quotes that spoke to me but I decided this one needed a little more attention:

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