Tuesday 26 March 2013

More studio visits...

While writing about my own studio in Inside My Studio, I began thinking about more artists’ studios and the many videos showing their studio spaces and work process.

Bunya Riverside -oil on canvas - 1016mm x 1016mm - Carol Lee Beckx ©2013

Recently I discovered Brian Rutenberg, and the video series AStudio Visit with Brian Rutenberg. He is a painter based in New York. His vibrant abstracts struck a chord deep within me. 

These Studio visits are great; the paintings are inspiring and provide a wealth of inspiration. Brian talks about his paintings, the influence of his teachers, as well as other artists. He gives us some insight into some delicious colour mixtures, particularly when adding a neutralizing colour. Be prepared to spend some time with Brian - the visits are up to number 27!

Another artist whose videos I have enjoyed is Krista Harris She has produced three videos where she talks about her process and shows snippets of her painting in the studio. These are not "how to" in the sense that you see her completing a painting, but rather an overview of how she builds an abstract work. 

Rebecca Crowell is an artist deeply involved with the surface of her paintings, as she says on her website:
"Multiple layers of paint are selectively scratched, eroded and dissolved, an approach that reflects the natural processes that inspire me."

This video shows how her paintings grow organically, layer upon layer. Often the format of the painting is changed by adding a second or third panel to the work.

Enjoy watching these - and then - back to the studio!

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