Tuesday 30 October 2012

Market Night at Prince of Peace Lutheran College, Brisbane

I will be showing some paintings at the  2012 Prince of Peace Market Night on Friday, 2 November at 20 Rogers Parade, Everton Hills from 7 to 9.30pm

A new work Nymphea 910mm x 610mm oil on canvas will also be on show - this is a piece celebrating colour which I started after I completing the Paris Cafe paintings.

There will be some of my Memory Block series. These are all 8” x 8” oil on canvas and are designed to hang in a group.

There is a new Sapphire Field series.The name “Sapphire” originates in a special Art Spectrum oil colour - called - you guessed it - “Sapphire” These photos really don't do justice to the colours - you need to see them!

Some of the other works include the Cups and Bottles series  as well as some Shell paintings.

as well as some Shell paintings.

Magnolias, Pink Roses with Mirrors and Cups and Bottles are more of the larger works.

 Pink Roses with Pascale's Mirrors- oil on canvas - 505mm x 1002mm © 2012 Carol Lee Beckx

Cups and Bottles - oil on canvas - 610mm x 760mm © 2012 Carol Lee Beckx

Magnolias- oil on canvas - 610mm x 910mm © 2012 Carol Lee Beckx


  1. Magnolias, Pink Roses and Nymphea are my favorites out of these beautiful paintings.

    1. Thanks, Julie - they are my favourites as well!

  2. Love the vertical format of Nymphea and the color is stunning! Thank you for stopping in at my blog and commenting!