Wednesday 15 February 2012

Blog love - receiving a heart

Today I received a belated Valentine from a fellow blogger. I commented on a post Giving away my heart  on Jeanette Jobson’s blog  Illustrated Life and was chosen to receive a heart. 

Jeanette Jobson - Watercolour on Photographic paper

I loved the way she turned a mistake, printing on the wrong side of photographic paper, to her advantage by experimenting on the shiny side of the failure to create a beautiful image.

How often do we scrunch up a piece of paper in disgust and toss it in the trash without giving a thought as to how we could turn the failure around?

The next time you are faced with failure – stop and think – what can I do to turn this around?

To see Jeanette’s Facebook page click here. You will find more about Jeanette and her work on her website.


  1. Thank you Carol. I've spent time lately, looking at ways to recycle art that originally didn't please me or revitalize pieces that didn't turn out as planned.

    Its interesting how some time away from the 'mistake' often turns into an opportunity to move into a direction that hasn't been yet considered.

    Enjoy your heart when it arrives. Perhaps it will inspire you to create something new from something unwanted.

  2. I have often used a painting done on canvas to paint a new work on top of the old. I try to retain some of the original but often it gets lost in the rush. maybe I need to do a post on the process of these paintings...