Saturday 15 October 2011

Woodford 2011 Biennial Art Exhibition

Still Life  with citrus - oil on canvas -600mm x 760mm
© 2011 Carol Lee Beckx
The Woodford Community Art Group presents their 2011 Biennial Art Exhibition this weekend. Woodford is a pretty town perhaps better known for the Folk Festival and for the fact that there’s a Correctional Facility in the town! 

The Field - oil on canvas - 700mm x 700mm
© 2011 Carol Lee Beckx

I have three paintings on show - two landscapes and the still life shown at the top of the post. The choice of paintings when showing at a new venue is hard. If one has no prior experience of an exhibition, one has no idea of the kind of work that will be on show.

Kalinga Trees - oil on canvas - 760mm x 1000mm
© 2011 Carol Lee Beckx
Kalinga Trees had it's origin in the watercolour sketches done at Kalinga Park. The Field is a painting that was started in South Africa but which I worked on once here.
The Still life with citrus satisfies my periodic need to paint in a more representational manner. So, I guess, in some ways the three paintings each show part of my artistic personality.


  1. Congratulations - I like all three - they are so lovely so so well done!

  2. Thanks Helen - I enjoyed painting these. Sometimes paintings develop a life of their own and almost paint themselves.