Wednesday 15 September 2010

Tracing the thread - blog to blog

Sometime last year I started reading various artists’ blogs. I had been sent a post from Nicole Pletts, an artist friend. In this particular post, Clint Watson - Fine Art Studio Online, mentioned a number of artists who use the Internet to market themselves and their work.The FASO newsletter, sent out daily, is an excellent resource for artists to share knowledge and to debate pertinent issues.

One of the first blogs I read in my search for a plan to become a full time artist, was Self vs Self by Hazel Dooney. She is a fierce proponent of the artist being in charge. Her writing reveals her approach to art and life in an uncompromising way.
 In a recent interview on The Zone, Michael Short talks to Hazel about her move away from the gallery system and her use of social networks to promote her art 

I have discovered many interesting blogs  - there are millions - and am constantly overwhelmed by the number of artists who share their knowledge so generously.
Obviously, most would like the blog to make some cash along the way, but there is so much information available that is free of charge.
 Although you don’t meet face to face, you get to know the artists and their work. It then becomes a true social network and one can make many new friends.

Now, as I look back on the thread of blogs I have read, I can’t always remember how I landed up on a particular site. Somehow, those that are now most relevant have been directed to me in an almost serendipitous way – I needed to read that blog and meet that artist. I'll share more of these with you in later posts.

Now in case you think I do nothing but read blogs – I am going to do some painting…

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