Colour - A Practical Approach

Colour - A Practical Approach is designed to be a practical aid to mixing colour for the painter. Doing the exercises in a dedicated colour sketchbook will provide you with a permanent, personal colour resource.There are 20 colour exercises to do as well as examples of many different colour wheels and limited colour palettes. Over 80 full colour illustrations give clear instructions and inspiration. There is also a chapter, Photographs and your Imagination, which is devoted to using photographs in a different way.

The book is available in Ebook, as a download from Blurb. Here’s a look at the page. The currency for your region can be selected at the top of the page. To order please click here.

Soft and Hard Covered Books

n addition Colour - A Practical Approach is published in both soft and hard cover and are also available online from Blurb. 
If you live in Australia copies may be purchased directly from me. I will be happy to sign your copy. 

Postage and packing 
Australia only - $9.95 per single copy. Please note that shipping from the website is USD$ 8.99.

Two blog posts discuss the process of writing the book:

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