Wednesday 30 October 2013

Play and Creativity

Yesterday was spent doing a workshop at Arthouse Northside. The topic was Watercolour - New Directions. My enthusiastic participants had great fun - mostly playing - and were not too concerned about the end product.

Play is the key to creativity. Play gives you licence to make a mess; discover new tools; try out new techniques; mix new colours.

Merce Cunningham - watercolour on paper 320mm x 240mm ©2013 Carol Lee Beckx

Play silences the excuses; silences the monkey sitting on your shoulder chirping in your ear telling you that what you are doing is rubbish.

Playing allows you to say “This is just play, it doesn’t matter how it turns out”
If you play often enough, the monkey will be confused. He won’t know when you are doing serious “Art” or when you’re just playing.

Eventually he will give up the constant chatter and leave you in peace.

The watercolour above is a demo done during the workshop - light loose pencil lines and three stage washes with a limited palette

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